To Professionals & Their Educators

The web has changed how things change. The democratization of information brought by the upheaval of the web has challenged the preeminence of the mastery of technical knowledge as the royal road to practice for all professionals, and technical expertise as the touchstone of career success and a sustainable income.   The growing importance of robots and AI is exacerbating this already alarming trend,

The education of professionals has not kept up. Against this backdrop, many universities and educators of professionals continue to teach under the assumptions of stable core knowledge, that practice is merely the application of known theory in the world, and that informal training in “soft skills” is sufficient. A growing number of undergraduate and graduate students feel the ways in which their education has shortchanged them in a world swirling with change. Moreover, a growing number of young educators and education leaders know that more drastic steps are required to align the education of professionals and their educators with the times.

ThreeJoy can help you change how you change. Fortunately, ThreeJoy Associates has been working going back to 1994 to understand how change has changed, and can help you, your organization, or your educational institution better master the environment of pervasive change that we now live in.

Understanding the five shifts. Interestingly, the key to rectifying this state of affairs comes from the result of powerful shifts in things most people already do quite well. The practice of executive coaching has achieved explosive growth, in part, because coaches are trained to notice, listen, question (NLQ), use language and story, consider emotion and body feelings, plan, and make change somewhat differently than is taught in conventional education. These shift skills (don’t-call-them-soft) give coaches and their clients extraordinary power in dealing with a world of change.

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