One-on-One Coaching for Academics and Tech Professionals

Coaching is not…

  • advice given by a smarty pants know-it-all
  • therapy
  • one-size-fits-all leadership counseling or consulting


  • is humble co-inquiry
  • assumes you are resourceful, creative & whole
  • is a powerful force for growth & change

4 Reasons Every Academic (Everybody) Needs a Coach

  1. Academic life = leadership (teaching as leading students, research as thought leadership, service as leading other academics, admin as leading institutions)
  2. Academic life can be a solitary affair (and conventional wisdom is often more conventional than wise)
  3. Academic life is DIY (some assembly required and instructions are not included)
  4. Academic life is changing (Expertise is being commoditized)

How Coaching Helps

It starts where you are

Helps clarify vision and success

It identifies obstacles & opportunities

It builds key shift skills (rigorous soft skills)

Helps you tell a life story that serves you and those around you

“Dave is a thoughtful, knowledgeable and brave coach, with a good sense of humour. Through our time together I have been able to reconnect with the values that have underpinned my career choices, but that sometimes get lost in the fog of ambition for external recognition and the mess of organisational politics. He helped me to clarify my unique strengths and to let go of some long held mythologies that have been standing in the way of career fulfillment and success. He uses well established tools, the occasional dose of philosophy, and common sense that comes from his own rich career experience.”

Sarah BellDirector, Engineering Exchange, University College London

“Dave far exceeded my already high expectations for coaching. He is insightful in that very rare way that challenges you to understand your situation and the possibilities that exist once you evaluate things from a different point of view. I highly recommend Dave Goldberg to anyone who is looking to take charge of their career and do so with a confidence that is inspired by a balanced approach to coaching that involves support and challenge. He has helped me to excel.”

Brian D. BatesChair, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Studies, Longwood University

Coach with Dave

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