Dave Goldberg speaks informatively and inspirationally to a variety of audiences:

    • Educators & educational leaders, both higher ed & K-12
    • Students & prospective students
    • Professionals (at work or in professional societies)
    • coaches & HR professionals

The ideas of A Whole New Engineer, ThreeJoy, and Big Beacon, led themselves to engineering and non-engineering audiences alike. Write for more information


Topics can be tailored or created for a variety of occasions:

    • The Emotional Rescue of the University
    • Are You Ready to Flip?
    • The Missing Basics of Engineering
    • NLQ: Noticing, Listening & Questioning Skills for Career Success
    • Deep Faculty Development in the the 21st Century
    • Change Management in an Educational Environment
    • Mastering the Six Minds of the Whole New Professional

Many other topics are possible.  Write with ideas for your event.


Many of Dave’s talks contain an experiential component where audience members are engaged directly with the talk material.  These experiences can be delivered in a variety of formats:

    • Lecture style
    • Meeting style
    • Webinar style via Skype, Google Hangout, or otherwise.
    • Student-centered or student-led style.

Speaking engagements of various lengths and interaction are possible.

To inquire regarding your event, email ThreeJoy for more information.