Dave Goldberg speaks informatively and inspirationally to a variety of audiences:

  • Educators & educational leaders, both higher ed & K-12, especially in engineering, science, technology, and design
  • Students & prospective students, particularly those in engineering, science, and design disciplines
  • Those curious about the prospects and limitations of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence professionals & researchers
  • Professionals seeking a systematic, rigorous, and effective approach to soft skills

Dave is known for his pioneering work in artificial intelligence and the transformation of engineering education. The ideas of A Whole New Engineer, Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and Machine Learning, The Design of Innovation, ThreeJoy, and Big Beacon, lend themselves to engineering and non-engineering audiences alike. Write deg@threejoy.com to brainstorm ideas for your event. 

Sample Titles + Clients

Titles and topics can be tailored or created for a variety of occasions.  Here is a list of recent topics given around the world:

  • The Higher Education Zombie Apocalypse: The Web is a Virus, Universities are Zombies, & Industry & Gen Z are Moving On (Tel Aviv, Saudi Arabia)
  • The 4 Sprints Method (4SM): A Breakthrough for Rapid, Effective Transformation of Engineering Curricula (IFEES, India)
  • Toward a Rigorous Basis Set of Unusually Effective Soft Skills (Proctor & Gamble)
  • Shift Skills for Educating the Engineer of the Future (Afeka College of Engineering, Tel Aviv)
  • AI’s Big Blind Spot: Where It Came From & What to Do About It (GIST, Korea)
  • Are You Ready to Flip? Responding to Deep Faculty Challenges in an Era of MOOCs & Pervasive Online Expertise (Providence University, LASPAU/UTFSM)
  • On Becoming a Reflective Practitioner: Confessions of a Research, Education & Engineering Maverick (ACM, Japan)
  • Whole New Lessons from the Olin-Illinois Partnership: 5+1 Moves to Accelerate Educational Innovation at Your School (Chengdu)
  • From Knowing to Not Knowing: An UnWorkshop on the Crucial Shift that Unleashes Real Learning (UTEC, Peru)
  • Educational Change at Olin & Illinois: Unleashing the Japanese Innovator of the Future (MEXT, Japan)
  • Bringing 5+1 Shift (Don’t-Call-Them-Soft) Skills to Engineering Educators: An Experiential Workshop (Afeka, Tel Aviv)
  • What’s Love Got to Do With It: Some Thoughts on the Future of AI, Innovation & Chengdu (China)
  • The Emotional Rescue of the University (Illinois)
  • Obedience, Courage, and the Australian Professional of the Future: Rethinking Education in a Relentlessly Innovative Age (UTS, Sydney)
  • The Missing Basics of Engineering (TEDxUIUC)

Many other titles and topics are possible.  Write deg@threejoy.com with ideas for your event.

Style + Interactive Experiences

Dave is an engaging speaker, combining mind-bendingly compelling and logical argumentation with evocative images and emotional engagement that hit the sweet spot of many professional audiences. 

Almost all of Dave’s talks contain an experiential component where audience members are engaged directly with the talk material.  These experiences can be delivered in a variety of formats:

  • Lecture style
  • Meeting style
  • Workshop style
  • Webinar style via Skype, Google Hangout, or otherwise.
  • Student-centered or student-led style.

Dave’s interaction style combines the latest in active learning method with the facilitation and NLQ (noticing, listening, and questioning) skills of a master leadership coach. Audiences can be engaged to reflect as individuals, in pairs, small groups, or through traditional Q&A., To brainstorm ideas for your proposed audience, write Dave at deg@threejoy.com to explore high impact alternatives.

Booking Dave

To explore the possibility of booking Dave Goldberg for your event contact Harry Walker Associates (https://www.harrywalker.com/speakers/dave-e-goldberg) or Dave Goldberg directly at deg@threejoy.com.