Transforming Higher Education:

It’s Not What You Think

Transforming higher education is often thought of as simply the introduction and administration of new content, curriculum, and pedagogy, and this approach worked following World War 2 and into the opening moments of the 21st century. But the democratization of information challenges the very idea of the university as an assembly of experts, and transforming higher education today requires a deep appreciation of the cultural changes educational institutions must make as well as the emotional changes required of both faculty and students. The old ways of changing leave us with institutions and an educational experience that are not very much different from the old ways of teaching and researching.

ThreeJoy® has pioneered a method for transforming higher education—the SmoothChange™ methodology—appropriate to our times, a method that has been tested in North & South America, Asia, and Europe, a method that can bring about effective change, smoothly, with respect for faculty governance, and in a cost and time effective manner. Read the whitepaper to find out more, and then contact ThreeJoy® to learn how these methods can work for you and your institution.  Call Dave Goldberg at 217-621-2645 or set up a consultation at today.