Who We Are

ThreeJoy® Associates, Inc. is a training, coaching, and change consulting firm established to serve individual and organizational clients in higher education to help them grow and develop to better align with the creativity imperative of the 21st century.  3J grows out of the pioneering iFoundry educational incubator at the University of Illinois started in 2007.  After the success of iFoundry’s early efforts, in 2010 Dave Goldberg resigned his tenure at Illinois to start ThreeJoy® Associates, Inc.  The name “ThreeJoy” comes from the three joys of iFoundry: the joy of engineering, the joy of learning, and the joy of community.
ThreeJoy® Associates, Inc. continues the spirit of the iFoundry incubator by celebrating 14 things we believe about education and change.

14 Things We Believe

  1. We live in times of unprecedented rapidity of change.
  2. Returns to creativity are increasing.
  3. Returns to narrow expertise are decreasing.
  4. The nine century consensus of the university as an assembly of experts is eroding.
  5. Education is shifting from the mastery of a fixed body of knowledge to a balance between mastery and learning to learn.
  6. Education is shifting from a focus on largely cognitive tasks to a balance of multiple capacities and mindsets.
  7. A balance of different capacities and mindsets requires a foundation of sharp soft skills—particularly listening—among all actors.
  8. Education is shifting from obedience to authority to a balance of discipline and unleashing human potential.
  9. Unleashing human potential takes place best in an environment of positive emotion, connection, and openness.
  10. Individuals are unleashed by trust which begets courage which begets initiative which begets authentic learning.
  11. Transformative change differs from bureaucratic change and must be managed according to a different set of increasingly well understood rules.
  12. Transformative change in an academic setting requires both substantial innovation and respect for faculty governance.
  13. Transformative change for organizations is fundamentally cultural and institutional.
  14. Transformative change for individuals is fundamentally emotional and experiential and is driven or inhibited by personal or cultural narrative.

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