Do more great work

We spend a large portion of our lives at work, and the perceived quality of that work affects the quality of our lives.  I’ve been using the book Do More Great Work (here) by Michael B. Stanier to reflect on the work ThreeJoy does, and I’ve found the questions Stanier asks the 16 great work maps he has created to be a helpful guide in these reflections.  The great work maps are in 4 categories:

Maps 1-3: Greatness -> You already know more about your Great Work than you might think

Maps 4-6: Choices -> Doing Great Work requires you to make some choices. Where will you focus?

Maps 7-9: Possibilities -> Expand your sense of what your Great Work might be

Maps 10-16: Action -> It’s time to take a step towards your Great Work

If a useful combination of solid open-ended questions for reflection and some visual tools to help bring those reflections to fruition would be helpful to you, take a look at Do More Great Work.