Bev Jones on art and innovation

Bev Jones has a nice E-zine post on Art and Innovation over at Clearways Consulting.  Here’s an excerpt:

According to art historian Merry Foresta, this isn’t surprising. Until the 20th Century, she says, studying art was one of the ways that leaders were educated and encouraged to develop critical thinking. And now we are rediscovering the view that Art inspires progress and offers paths to achieving more in a satisfying way.

“Creative Culture,” says Merry, is a term used to indicate a workplace or other environment “where creative ideas are encouraged, supported, protected and nurtured for further development, until their true value can be understood and appreciated. Creativity brings imagination, curiosity, experimentation and idea-sharing into all manner of daily activities. And Creative Culture can bring imagination, diversity, curiosity, experimenting and idea-sharing into our work.”

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