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Push forward with self-determination

Bev Jones writes about self-determination at Clearways Consulting. Why is it that some people can make one more step and push forward to reach a goal?  Bev Jones shares the personal story of Municipal Judge-elect Gayle Williams Byer who exemplifies self-determination.  Whether fighting breast cancer or  staying in a  tough election, self-determination moved Gayle Williams Byer forward:”You dig really deep when you don’t want to and you decide to take one more step.”

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Resolution for the new year: learn to draw

Brian Bomeisler’s class, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (here), can take you from childlike images to actually drawing your portrait in five days. See my before drawing on the first day of class

and my drawing on the last day of class:

If you’re interested in more information about these classes a schedule is available here.

Keeping winning streaks alive

Bev Jones writes about winning streaks over at Clearways Consulting:

Why is it that some people can go from success to success, while others stumble fairly quickly, then seem to spend more time down than up? Of course luck can help, but the people who keep landing on their feet tend to have something in common. The perennial winners don’t take success for granted — they keep hustling, even in the good times.

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