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ThreeJoy at Politecnico Milano

In the following video, ThreeJoy Associates President, Dave Goldberg, presents The Creativity Imperative and the Technology Professional of the Future.


The abstract of the presentation is as follows:

The world (1) is apparently flat, (2) is being given over to a rising creative class, and (3) requires a whole new mind, but a common conclusion drawn from authors such as Friedman, Florida, and Pink is that technology professionals in advanced economies must excel at creating new categories of product and service, as returns to routine engineering/technology labor are declining because of the ease with which these tasks may be outsourced. This talk starts by examining the setting after World War 2 that set the stage for engineering and technology education in modern times. It continues by discussing the techno-economic forces that have shaped the intervening period, and it considers recent work by Price and others to understand the essential characteristics and habits of tech visionaries (TVs), those who permit major companies to create value through the effective bootstrapping of entirely new product lines. These and other factors lead to the conclusion that our times demand a greater emphasis on the education and support of creative engineers and technologists, but existing higher educational programs seem unable to reform themselves for a variety of historical and systemic reasons. The talk concludes by discussing some of these difficulties and a number of the organizational, conceptual, and motivational changes that can enable smooth change to the education of more creative engineers and technologists.

The presentation was recorded at Politecnico Milano earlier in the year 12 April 2011 (announcement here).

Lessons from David working with Goliath

A key factor in the success of the iFoundry initiative has been working with Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in the Olin-Illinois Partnership (OIP).  In the video below, ThreeJoy President and OIP co-founder Dave Goldberg talks about the ways this experience was especially beneficial.


More is available about the OIP here and Olin College here.