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Change can be slow or fast, but accelerated change requires an understanding of what we’re changing and how to change it. One of the ways to accelerate change is to hire a coach or a change consultant, but one-on-one coaching and consulting can be expensive and time consuming. The ThreeJoy® Coaching Club uses the power of the web to help provide effective, low-cost guidance to change makers all over the world by creating an online community of change leaders and engaged learners who help each other drive their key shifts into practice with me and with one another.

This is the idea behind the ThreeJoy® Coaching Club. The club is a unique amalgam of shift skills training, group coaching, and community support. Each month the club focuses on a key shift, crucial supporting skills, supported by exercises, resources, and feedback that help drive the shifts into practice. And club members get to take these skills and immediately put them to practice to the benefit of their own careers and organizations.

The club also includes coaching feedback from me on the results members are getting in applying the shifts as an integral part of the program, as well as live tutorials and live group coaching sessions using the cutting edge of video conferencing technology.

Please review the features, testimonials, and benefits of club membership described below. Three subscription durations are available to individual members and all are offered at a significant discount to list corporate pricing of $99/month. 

I hope you’ll sign up and be a part of the ThreeJoy® Coaching Club community If you have any questions please write to me at or sign up for a short phone/Skype meeting at

Dave GoldbergFounderThreejoy Associates

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  • Monthly Shift-of-the-Month™ live workshop for improving key shift skills and creating new habits and effective practices.
  • Regular live group coaching workshops for addressing personal and organizational obstacles in group setting to keep the content lively and relevant.
  • Monthly personal feedback on your written change reflections with personalized coaching questions so you can go deeper.
  • State-of-the-art online communications platform and learning management system to provide structure to your learning and development and keep you driving skills and learning into practical situations.
  • Regular exercises for action and reflection paired with off-the-beaten track resources (video, papers, books, and visual aids) that help accelerate your learning and growth.


  • Georgetown trained (ACTP accredited) coach
  • 27 years as successful academic and academic leader (Alabama & Illinois)
  • Founder and President of Threejoy Associates
  • Co-founder of Illinois Foundry for Innovation in Engineering Education (iFoundry) and Olin-Illinois Partnership
  • Co-author of A Whole New Engineer (here)
  • Founder of movement to transform engineering education
  • AI pioneer (genetic algorithms & evolutionary computation).  Author or co-author of over 400 publications (here), with H-index of 105 (105 publications with 105 citations or more)
  • Author of six books, including one of most cited books in computer science with over 89,671 citations
  • Successful coaching of academics and academic leaders with documented results (here)
  • Inventor of 4SM or the Four Sprints Method of Curriculum Transformation

Click to Choose Your Membership

In this shift-by-shift monthly online club you’ll…

  • Work on the five key “core” shifts that enable effective change mastery personally, professionally, and organizationally.
  • Apply the core to developing derivative shift skills, improving on things such as writing, presenting, sales, negotiation, conflict management, leadership, teamwork, creativity, entrepreneurship, and more to develop the practices most valued in educational institutions and the professional workplace.
  • Dip into key ideas and thought leaders through short readings, podcasts, and videos to absorb immediately useful information in ways that reduce to practice quickly.
  • Drive the shifts into practice with mind-bending coaching questions, online workshops and group coaching sessions, and straight-to-the-point practical exercises and visualizations.
  • Be supported by a community of like-minded change makers using up-to-date learning management systems, checklists, forums, and a state-of-the-art telecommunications platform.
  • Overcome the pitfalls of executive entertainment by working month-by-month with a combination of ReflexShift™ reflective exercises, reflection-into-action exercises, month-end Reflectionaires, and personal feedback on your progress, in ways that stick for a lifetime.

Club Features

  • NLQ™ (notice-listen-question™) Bootcamp to work on shifting your core conversation-in-action skills during the first moments of your club membership.
  • Monthly live workshop featuring the Shift-of-the-Month™ (SOTM™). Each month the SOTM workshop focuses on crucial aspects of a key shift or shifts using the latest videoconferencing technology, including interactive exercise through online breakout rooms. Recorded and made available for those who can’t attend or those who would like to watch repeatedly.
  • Monthly SOTM™ E-book published as a downloadable PDF for review and continuing driving of shifts into practice.
  • ResourceDipping™ exercises and resources helps you drive each shift into habitual practice, through resources (books, videos, PDFs), visual tools, interviews with thought leaders, and more.
  • Checklists and monthly content available at any time. A modern learning management organizes club content, with checklists to gage progress, forums to connect with others, comments, and feedback.
  • ReflexShift™ reflective exercises each month with Integrated feedback by Coach Dave Goldberg on YOUR month’s final ReflexShift™ exercise as part of the club.
  • Regular live GroupCoach™ sessions, help drive your shift learning into practice using online prompts, pairwise and groupwise breakouts, and chat room and live audio/visual feedback during regular group coaching sessions.
  • Special online ShiftLeader™ workshops to cover surprise topics and hear from guest thought leaders and change makers. From time to time the club will features special live online workshops on different topics, sometimes with guest thought leaders, movers, and shakers who share their special perspective on change mastering and making.
  • Online forums and quick comment boxes so you can connect with with Dave and the other students participating in the club and to get your questions answered.
  • Eligibility for a ShiftBadge™ each month upon successful completion of the monthly final ReflexShift™ exercise in writing, powerpoint, video, or audio format.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this club you’ll learn to master the five core shifts in everyday communications that supercharge your ability to bring about change at work, at home, professionally, and personally.  These skills will be driven home with a practical approach to understanding and using the shifts everyday.  The core skills will also be developed in higher level soft skills, things like persuasion, collaboration, negotiation, conflict management, innovation and entrepreneurship, in ways that are immediately applicable.

The result – you’ll be more confident in initiating change, more effective in persuading others (and yourself!!) to give change a try, and more successful in bringing the change to a successful conclusion.  

All PDFs, resource links, and other non-video material are downloadable at any time and available for personal use forever. Each month’s video material is downloadable and available for personal use during the month of release.  Thereafter older video materials may be watched by any current member of the club. This policy allows you to revisit all the material of the club at a later date at your own pace as long as you are a club member.

You are a member of the club until you cancel your subscription.  You may cancel at any time.  

I’ve designed the club to be an group coaching program with different experiences monthly.  Should you be traveling or otherwise busy during a given, you are free to watch or use materials at a later date.  Should you miss a given month’s reflection deadline, you can submit a combined reflection in a later month and receive feedback.  

Different members use the club differently. Some do all the exercises and watch all the videos. Others are careful to “dip” into just those things that are helpful to them. All members are welcome to use the club as it serves them.

The club consists of live video workshops and group coaching sessions, which you can either watch live or as recordings. The online sessions comes with an E-book, exercises, resources for greater learning, visual aids, and mind-bending coaching questions.

Each month, you have the opportunity to submit a reflection about your learning and change progress in writing, audio or video, and get detailed and helpful feedback on how to progress.

I designed the club for higher education administrators, educators (professors, lecturers, and teachers), professionals (engineering, business, medical, legal, etc.), their  leaders, and students aiming to become professionals who would like to bring change to their own lives or their organizations more quickly and smoothly.  In particular those who have felt their own resistance or the resistance of others, and would like a set of approaches to keep change moving in the face of such resistance.  If you resonate with this, then this club is definitely for you.

Great question.  The material does grow out of the beautiful change experiences at Olin College and the University of Illinois described in A Whole New Engineer. Much of my career was spent in academic life, and many of the exercises in the club were first piloted with engineering students and engineering academics and then with educators.  Educators and educational administrators should benefit from the club. I’m very pleased to see the work spreading organically beyond engineering education to other parts of the academy (medicine, the liberal arts, etc.) as part of Big Beacon and the Educational Innovators Working Group.

Having said that, my own work as a professional engineer, as a startup entrepreneur (and Chief Scientist), and work with other professionals informs the content and structure of the club. and to professionals of all stripes.  For example, I recently carried these methods to Brazil in a project called The Consultant of the Future for a large management consulting firm, and we found that the material helped the young consultants of the company unleash in the same way as engineering students discussed in A Whole New Engineer (chapter 2).

Interestingly, the original pilots of these materials took place in Singapore.  Stop two and three after Singapore were the Netherlands and Brazil.  Of course, I have used these materials in the US and Canada, but what we’ve found is that even though cultural stories elicit reactions to the material that differ from culture by culture, the material works everywhere because it is tuned to universal human wiring and concerns.  Said somewhat differently, change mastery via the 5 shifts lands differently in different cultures, but it lands.    

No problem – if you can’t attend for whatever reason, you can still submit questions in advance and I’ll answer them in the session. I’ll then post you a recording of the session afterward so you don’t miss out.

To watch the online club and use the materials you just need a computer connected to the internet.  To be seen in live sessions, you need a webcam or inbuilt camera on your computer, or a smartphone.  Reflective assignments can be submitted in words, in audio, or in picture or video formats.  To submit using video you’ll need a webcam or a smartphone.

If your listening and reading comprehension is good, you can watch the live or recorded sessions. Short reflective assignments are also submitted in English and feedback is given in English.  If you can do these things, you can participate?

No. We’ll cover the essentials you need to know throughout the club.

Absolutely, even as we’re rolling out the club, we are collecting topics and domains of change that are of interest to club members (playfulness vs. seriousness, gender, racial, and ethnic diversity, academic leadership, project management, first leadership position, first job out of school, and so on).  For example, the emphasis on Time in April 2018 and Community & Culture in May 2018 came from member suggestions.


I jumped on the opportunity to join the ThreeJoy Coaching Club, because I know Dave Goldberg is a special coach. I have witnessed Dave building people up and injecting them with joy, me included. I have been touched by his tremendous power for igniting inspirational and creative ideas that inform and guide change. I wanted to deepen my own journey of change, both as a staff member and a human being, and as a member of a change initiative at a major Australian university. I’m glad I signed up because the ThreeJoy Coaching Club has delivered on this and a whole lot more. In a short time, the club has evolved into a special kind of online place to learn, to grow, and to deepen. The shifts of the month and the accompanying tools are invaluable and I have been able to use them immediately following my coaching sessions and on a daily basis thereafter. Dave effortlessly creates beauty in a growing sense of community, which in itself is a remarkable experience. If these things resonate, join with this special culture and community, today.

Beata FrancisUniversity of Technology Sydney

Dave is a thoughtful, knowledgeable and brave coach, with a good sense of humour… He helped me to clarify my unique strengths and to let go of some long held mythologies that have been standing in the way of career fulfillment and success.

Sarah BellDirector, Engineering Exchange, University College London

Dave listens hard, asks great and probing questions, dives deep, contemplates with you, allows you to grow by guiding you to the pertinent places, and at the end of the day you’re leading better and enjoying life more fully.

Lesley MillarDirector, Office of Technology Licensing, MIT

Dave is able to slice through your own professional/emotional fog and deliver a gentle, well-executed smackdown at precisely the right moment. He will challenge your assumptions about what’s possible for your life and work, and swiftly invite you into your next phase of growth.

Amelia TerrapinFounder, Mobius Method

I hesitated at first to join the ThreeJoy Coaching Club, but I’m glad I did. I’m so busy! Yet I want to make this kind of deep reflection on my practice as an educator and researcher a priority. I am able to do the assignments as I’m able, and the real-time coaching sessions address my immediate, individual needs. Discussing these ideas with other club members has jumpstarted my thinking and helped me notice where I get stuck. I have gained simple shifts of perspective and useful metaphors for reframing how I use my time and energy. These have been powerful for me.

Katherine G.urban university

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your investment in this club is protected by my 30-Day money back guarantee. Enroll in the program, put it into action and see the results for a full 30 days. If you’re not happy, just send me an email in the first 30 days and I’ll give every penny back right away.