2020 Reset Coaching with Dave Goldberg

2020 Reset Coaching Package

  • THREE 1-hour coaching sessions per month for THREE MONTHS (9 sessions total) with Dave Goldberg of threejoy.com.
  • Pay in 3 small monthly payments.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Cancel at any time.
  • Articulate lockdown reflections and consider changes in habits, personal, and career possibilities.
  • Identify post-lockdown environment, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Work on key actions and skills that will unblock the path to successful transition, transformation, and change.
  • Lowest prices offered for coaching with Dave in order to get people the coaching they need post-lockdown.
Your opportunities and challenges are special during this time. Sign up and start addressing them today.


  • Georgetown trained (ACTP accredited) ICF coach
  • 27 years as successful academic and academic leader (Alabama & Illinois)
  • Founder and President of Threejoy Associates.
  • Co-founder of Illinois Foundry for Innovation in Engineering Education (iFoundry) and Olin-Illinois Partnership
  • Co-author of A Whole New Engineer
  • Founder of BigBeacon.org movement to transform engineering education
  • Author of one of most cited books in computer science with over 93,370 citations
  • H=106 papers (each with 106 citations or more, here)
  • Successful coaching of academics and academic leaders with documented results (here)
  • Any questions?  Write deg@threejoy.com or book call at www.MeetWithDaveGoldberg.com.

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Dave is a thoughtful, knowledgeable and brave coach, with a good sense of humour… He helped me to clarify my unique strengths and to let go of some long held mythologies that have been standing in the way of career fulfillment and success.

Sarah BellDirector, Engineering Exchange, University College London

Dave listens hard, asks great and probing questions, dives deep, contemplates with you, allows you to grow by guiding you to the pertinent places, and at the end of the day you’re leading better and enjoying life more fully.

Lesley MillarDirector, Office of Technology Licensing, MIT

As the dean of a rapidly growing College of Engineering, I found Dave Goldberg’s support, help, and coaching invaluable as I worked through a number of personnel challenges and growing pains. Dave understands the landscape of Engineering Colleges as an insider, with nearly 30 years of experience as a distinguished engineering faculty member at one of the top Colleges in the country.

Dean of Engineering at Major Private Midwest University

Dave is able to slice through your own professional/emotional fog and deliver a gentle, well-executed smackdown at precisely the right moment. He will challenge your assumptions about what’s possible for your life and work, and swiftly invite you into your next phase of growth.

Amelia TerrapinFounder, Mobius Method

As a leadership coach myself, I can confidently say that Dave Goldberg is a coach’s coach. He asks deeply penetrating questions that are both hard to answer and that must be answered. He listens, mirrors, and connects the dots that increase self-awareness and helped me shed unproductive behaviors and grow my strengths.

Sarah HappelPrincipal, Spectrum Solutions