2020 Reset Coaching with Dave Goldberg

Coaching is not…

  • advice given by a smarty pants know-it-all
  • therapy
  • one-size-fits-all counseling or consulting


  • is humble co-inquiry
  • assumes you are resourceful, creative & whole
  • is a powerful force for growth & change

How Coaching Helps

It starts where you are

Helps clarify vision and success

It identifies obstacles & opportunities

Builds key shift skills (rigorous soft skills)

Helps you tell a life story that serves you and those around you


Dave is a thoughtful, knowledgeable and brave coach, with a good sense of humour… He helped me to clarify my unique strengths and to let go of some long held mythologies that have been standing in the way of career fulfillment and success.

Sarah BellDirector, Engineering Exchange, University College London

Dave listens hard, asks great and probing questions, dives deep, contemplates with you, allows you to grow by guiding you to the pertinent places, and at the end of the day you’re leading better and enjoying life more fully.

Lesley MillarDirector, Office of Technology Licensing, MIT

Dave is able to slice through your own professional / emotional fog and deliver a gentle, well-executed smackdown at precisely the right moment. He will challenge your assumptions about what’s possible for your life and work, and swiftly invite you into your next phase of growth.

Amelia TerrapinFounder, Mobius Method

Dave was able to help me see and understand patterns of behaviors, without judgement. His experience as a faculty member meant that he quickly understood many of the situations that are unique to academic institutions. Although I was apprehensive about coaching and self-reflection, Dave made the process professional, comfortable, and effective.

Brad SuttonAssociate Head, Department of Bioengineering, University of Illinois

Dave delivers the right balance of pressure and support. Pressure in honesty and astute questions. Support in encouragement and affirmation.  Underpinning his work is a deep commitment to empathize with and understand our context and challenges. He couples this with an ability to adapt to work with exactly where we are at and provide the resources likely to be most useful.

Justine Lawson & Rob JarmanUniversity of Technology Sydney

Dave worked with me as coach when I transitioned to a new academic institution and faced my imminent tenure review. I had the answers within me but could not easily see them in the fog of stress. Dave’s attentive listening and mirroring helped me clear up some rubble to move ahead more swiftly towards my goals. I also found pleasure in many intellectual exchanges with Dave, making connections together in conversations spanning the oddities of academia, language and leadership, and education.

Lorena BarbaAssociate Professor, George Washington University

2020 Reset Coaching Package

  • TWO 1-hour coaching sessions per month for FOUR MONTHS (8 sessions total) with Dave Goldberg of threejoy.com.
  • Pay in 4 small monthly payments.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Cancel at any time.
  • Articulate lockdown reflections and consider changes in habits, personal, and career possibilities.
  • Identify post-lockdown environment, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Work on key actions and skills that will unblock the path to successful transition, transformation, and change.
  • Lowest prices offered for coaching with Dave in order to get people the coaching they need post-lockdown.
Your opportunities and challenges are special during this time. Sign up and start addressing them today.