A Whole New Engineer

Whole New EngineerA Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education is available in hardcover and e-book formats at www.wholenewengineer.org.  Special bulk (by the case = 22 books) pricing for US institutions of higher education is available in the continental US (download PDF order form here) or email here.The table of contents is as follows:

  • Introduction: An Improbable Journey
  • Chapter 1: Engineering Happiness – The Olin Experience
  • Chapter 2: The Incubator – Helping a Big Old Dog Learn New Tricks
  • Chapter 3: The Spirit of Invention –  Recapturing the Inspiration of Engineering Education
  • Chapter 4: The Whole New Engineer – Engaging the 6 Minds
  • Chapter 5: The Emotional Breakthrough – 5 Pillars of Transformation
  • Chapter 6: The Whole New Learner – From Carrots and Sticks to Intrinsic Motivation
  • Chapter 7: The Whole New Professor – From Expert to Coach
  • Chapter 8: The Whole New Culture – From Classrooms and Curriculum to Culture
  • Chapter 9: Changing the Way We Change – From Bureaucracy to Change Management
  • Epilogue: An Invitation to Collaborative Disruption

Advance Praise for A Whole New Engineer

See what thought leaders are saying about A Whole New Engineer:

“Engineers without Borders Canada believes strongly in a vision for a more global engineer and engineering profession. A Whole New Engineer lays out a compelling case for this engineering transformation. In the book, authors Dave Goldberg & Mark Somerville balance theory with practice and let their reflections and stories tell a persuasive narrative.”
Sal Alajek, Portfolio Manager, Engineers Without Borders Canada


“At Purdue our College of Technology has embarked on a major transformation project and two of our exemplars for change were Olin College and the iFoundry effort at the University of Illinois.  Read A Whole New Engineer to understand the secret sauce before trying this at home.”
Gary Bertoline, Dean of the College of Technology, Purdue University


“The University of Twente has embarked on the revision of its educational model, and two approaches that inspired us were those of Olin and iFoundry. The minds behind these educational reforms have written a provocative, stimulating, and inspiring book called A Whole New Engineer, and I urge you to read it.”
Ed Brinksma, Rector Magnificus, University of Twente


“If you really care about engineering education, read A Whole New Engineer and join a growing global movement to reimagine its purpose and rethink its practice, inspired by the students’ passion for innovation and everyone’s excitement about technology and its impact on every aspect of our lives.”
Andreas Cangellaris, Dean of the College of Engineering, University of Illinois


A Whole New Engineer offers refreshing insights for those who are seeking innovative ways to groom the next generation of engineers. Indeed, joy, trust, courage, openness, and collaboration are important pillars for transformation in engineering education in the 21st century. “
Chan Eng Soon, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore


“Maplesoft is committed to the use of technology in enlivening classrooms and better engaging students, providing a superior educational experience for teachers and students. A Whole New Engineer illustrates how an emotional connection between the instructor and engaged learners is a must for 21st century learning.”
Jim Cooper, President and CEO, Maplesoft


“The Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering is a truly remarkable experiment in how to develop engineers who are internally motivated, self-determined, and thus deeply engaged in life-long learning, flexible thinking, and creative working. It sets a fine example that may help other institutions do their own experimenting in new approaches to educating engineers. A Whole New Engineer provides excellent ideas about how to make engineering colleges more motivationally aware and supportive of their students development, both personally and professionally.”
Edward L. Deci, University of Rochester, Author of Why We Do What We Do


“Many engineers are taught that engineering is about harnessing science to build systems that stabilize and control the world. This wonderful book is about engineering in a world of accelerating technology change, a world of mounting uncertainties and situations beyond anyone’s control. In other words, the real world. Engineers are called to be designers who propose new systems and entrepreneurswho get them adopted. The book lays out the emotional and cultural skills that engineers need to succeed as designers and entrepreneurs.
Peter J. Denning, Co-Author of The Innovator’s Way and Author of Educating a New Engineer


“Calling communication skills ‘soft skills’ does them a grave disservice. Sharpening speech acts and engaging in conversation with greater intention and skill can transform leadership, strengthen team cohesion, and lead to increased individual and shared meaning. The authors of Whole New Engineer are to be commended for advocating more focused attention on language and communication in the education of the next generation of engineers.”


“A Whole New Engineer imagines and brings to life the kind of engineering education I would have liked to have had. This book unlocks the master keys to what we’re all chasing as engineers: innovation, prosperity, efficiency, health, safety and happiness.”
Erica Lee Garcia, P.Eng., Founder, EngineerYourLife.net


“Much debate about educational reform is cast in strictly rational terms. It’s both ironic and moving that a couple of engineers have nailed the importance of love, empathy, and caring as foundational in rethinking education.”
Mark Goulston, Author of Just Listen and Real Influence


“As people change careers or occupations later in life, it takes spirit, strength, and a thirst to find meaning in this life. Those who succeed are spurred to discover what really matters to them and transform their work (and, in turn, personal) lives. A Whole New Engineer explores a new kind of education where the courage to do so is cultivated earlier and with greater purpose. As the authors write: ‘You’re an entrepreneur. go build something! You want to save the world, start saving! You want to work on cool technology, make something cool!’ ”
Kerry Hannon, New York Times Columnist & Author of What’s Next? and Great Jobs for Everyone 50+


“Connecting and working closely with others is a neglected skill in engineering education, and A Whole New Engineer shows the way to an engineering education where it is built in.”
Georges Harik, Investor, Google Employee #9 & Former Director of Googlettes


“Everyone involved with educating engineers should read this book twice—once for inspiration and a second time for planning. A Whole New Engineer provides a roadmap for overhauling the stale, soul-deadening, plug-into-the-equation style of engineering education. In its place will emerge a system built on creativity and collaboration and initiative. If that sounds like fantasy, think again: The authors have already made it happen, and their students are reaping the rewards.”
Dan Heath, Co-Author of the New York Times bestsellers Made to Stick, Switch, and Decisive


“This is an intriguing book for anyone interested in a whole new kind of higher education, where innovation can flourish as students take charge of their learning. As a coach who frequently works with university leaders, I’m intrigued by the powerful idea of professors who move from expert to coach.”
Beverly Jones, Leadership Coach, Frequent Blogger, ClearWaysConsulting.com


“Don’t let the title of this wonderful book fool you. This is not just a well-researched and expertly written primer on how to fix our system for educating engineers and making a vital discipline appealing to a broader cross-section of students. Professors Goldberg and Somerville have also given us a detailed roadmap on how we can reform higher education in general to turn out the confident risk-takers and critical thinkers desperately needed to make the world better for everyone in it.”
Linda P. B. Katehi, Chancellor, University of California, Davis


“A radical evolution in engineering education is long overdue. A Whole New Engineer is the inspiring roadmap we need. It’s time to stop talking, and start doing!”
Janusz Kozinski, Founding Dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering


A Whole New Engineer overturns many of the ways that we think about engineering and engineering education in an engaging and reflective manner.”


“Luck Companies work to develop values-based leadership throughout the company and around the world. Coaching creates value for clients by shifting from knowing and telling to not knowing, asking, and listening. In an engaging and provocative fashion, A Whole New Engineer combines the best of both of these worlds by developing a hybrid values-based and coaching approach to engineering education.”
Kelly Lewis, Sr. Director of Leadership, Luck Companies and Learning Circle Advisor, Leadership Coaching Program at Georgetown University


“Coaching unlocks potential in individuals, enabling them to see possibilities for their lives, their careers and their organizations. A Whole New Engineer describes some of the many ways that a coaching mindset is important to reimagining engineering education in the 21st century.”
Pat Mathews, MCC, Program Director, Leadership Coaching Program, Georgetown University


A Whole New Engineer should appeal, not only to engineering educators, but to any educator with the courage to think beyond the idea that learning is a purely cognitive experience.”


“Last year, only about 4% of all the bachelors degree awarded in America went to students studying any kind of engineering and nearly half of all university freshmen who choose engineering as a major this fall will not graduate in engineering. Unless we find a way to engage our most innovative students in engineering again, America’s future—which depends heavily on technological innovation—will not be as bright as its past. This requires challenging conventional thinking and completely rebuilding the culture of learning. Goldberg and Somerville have vividly described the required new learning culture, which goes well beyond course content and curriculum. It requires a whole new mindset to produce a whole new engineer. If you care about America’s future, you should read this book.”
Richard K. Miller, President, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering


“This is a deeply felt and well crafted volume–a pleasure to read–that will challenge not just engineers but all of us to think about the proper place of engineers and engineering in society.”
Carl Mitcham, Director of the Hennebach Program for the Humanities, Colorado School of Mines & Author of Thinking through Technology


“As an undergraduate major coordinator, I fought for institutional support for engineering transformation.  As Associate Dean I traveled to Olin and iFoundry and was greatly influenced by those examples in starting the ENG200 program at UFMG.  Today, I hope to become “the Dean that I was looking for!” To that end and in that capacity, A Whole New Engineer is my everyday companion to both inspire me and guide me practically toward full and effective transformation of engineering education at UFMG and in Brazil more generally.”
Alessandro F. Moreira, Dean of School of Engineering (Elect), Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais


Across the ever-changing global landscape, societies urgently need “locally relevant but globally competent engineers” who possess the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to make a better world. More than ever, engineering education needs a huge (r)evolution, one that should include understanding society’s needs, developing learning experiences for all types of learners, and finally, one that rewards exemplary teaching. A Whole New Engineer is a provocative book that should be read by every prospective engineering student, employer, and educator.”
Lueny Morell, Provost, New Engineering University


“It is refreshing to engage in a stimulating and focused conversation about the future needs of engineering education. Successfully educating a new generation of engineers comes down to imparting the needed body of knowledge in a way that both challenges and inspires the students. Quality teaching and strong teacher-student relationships must go hand in hand with innovative curricula of both breadth and depth. The authors of A Whole New Engineer put their personal stamp on a variety of key education issues and lend their voices to a passionate debate.”
Patrick J. Natale, P.E., F.ASCE, F.ASAE, Executive Director, American Society of Civil Engineers


“This isn’t just a book about engineering. It’s a book about education, entrepreneurship, and — ultimately — the future. Read it and prepare to take notes!”
Daniel H. Pink, Author of the New York Times Bestsellers To Sell is Human, Drive, and A Whole New Mind


“Whole engineering leaders are in demand in industry, and organizations that successfully include social impact in their work are growing quickly. A Whole New Engineer is an energizing new approach to engineering education, and reveals how outstanding engineering schools are enabling the development of whole engineers.”
Pam Rogalski, Co-Founder, Engineering Leadership Council


“Much organizational change is blind to culture and emotion and as a result, much change is ineffectual. A Whole New Engineer approaches the change of engineering education with new cultural assumptions based on the power of experiential education and the involvement of the learner in the process.  This new approach is essential for the engineer of tomorrow who has to design for a complex, interdependent, culturally diverse world.”
Edgar H. Schein, MIT Sloan School of Management


“As a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur I can confidently assert that the world needs more entrepreneurial engineers. A Whole New Engineer shows the way toward a stable and passionate supply.”
Tim Schigel, Founder & Chairman, ShareThis and Fund Manager, Cintrifuse


“The refreshing approach advocated by this book will help cultivate the necessary intellectual, emotional, and social virtues for engineers of the future to act as leaders and innovators who exercise good judgment and influence public policy, not just accomplish technical tasks.”
Jon Alan Schmidt, Burns & McDonnell & Founder of www.VirtuousEngineers.org


The Engineering Commons Podcast offers engineers a forum for sharing career insights. A common theme of our conversations and interviews, even with grizzled veterans, is that “Engineers are people, too!” Empathy and emotional courage are essential for engineers wishing to comfortably collaborate in solving today’s complex problems. A Whole New Engineer makes a convincing argument that engineering students need not sacrifice their humanity on the altar of mathematical rigor!
Jeff Shelton, Co-Host, The Engineering Commons Podcast


“The world economy has shifted strongly from product to service and we need to think differently about engineering in this context. A Whole New Engineer thinks different, feels different, and can bring about change with both head and heart.”
Jim Spohrer, Director, IBM University Programs (IBM UP) and Cognitive Systems Institute, and Co-Editor of The Handbook of Service Science


A Whole New Engineer asks a fascinating question: What would engineering education and practice be if it were increasingly mindful? Answering this question more precisely will inspire a new kind of engineer and engineering education.”
Chade-Meng Tan, Jolly Good Fellow of Google and bestselling author of Search Inside Yourself.


“Far more than an inspiring story about the transformation of engineering education, this remarkable book serves as a call to action and blueprint for reinventing all education for the 21st century. Everyone concerned about the preparation of the next generation for their – and our – future should read this important book.”
Tony Wagner, Harvard University


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