Welcome to school year 2011-12

With the beginning of the new school year, student, faculty, and administrative minds turn to the imminent beginning of class.  Beginning this fall, this space will carry items for higher ed leaders, faculty, and students interested in their own personal growth as well as the transformation of their institutions.

Readers with suggestions for news items can send them to info@threejoy.com.  Those interested in a free initial consulting or coaching session should contact Dave Goldberg at deg@threejoy.com.

7 missing basics of engineering

ThreeJoy President, Dave Goldberg, talks about “7 Missing Basics of Engineering” at TEDxUIUC 2011.


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Autodesk ed guru Astroth on Huffington Post

Joe Astroth, Autodesk’s education guru, is now blogging over at Huffington Post .  He’s made three posts so far and all of them are worth a look:

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Goldberg on the New Economy Engineer at Case Western

Some of the early thinking behind ThreeJoy℠ Associates, Inc. is summarized by Dave Goldberg in a 2009 interview at Case Western shown below.


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ThreeJoy goes live

Welcome to threejoy.com, a site about organizational, conceptual, and motivational change.