ThreeJoy Discusses Future Engineering Education Challenges in Trieste

ThreeJoy president, Dave Goldberg, is in Trieste, Italy this morning as part of a panel on “Future educational challenges for scientific and technical professions.”

Along with the international prominent guest David Goldberg, co-founder and co-director of iFoundry, the round table will host a panel of italian speakers, representative of local academic institutions and professional associations.

The participants will present the general situation respect to their experience in the schools of engineering and associations they come from, discuss about the main obstacles encountered in implementing reforms and share the best practices and ideas of what has already been done around the world, as well as propose a possible course of action.

Earlier in the morning, Goldberg delivered a lecture entitled Innovation and Collaboration through the Eyes of a Longtime Genetic Algorithmist as part of the program of UM12, The modeFrontier Users Meeting (here) run by Esteco, a provider of computer-aided design software located in Trieste.

More information about the panel is available here.