Welcome 2020

Bringing 3 Joys to Higher Education

The Joy of Vocation, the Joy of Community & the Joy of Learning

Founded in 2010 as a result of the success of the Olin-Illinois Partnership and the iFoundry (Illinois Foundry for Innovation in Engineering Education) experiment, ThreeJoy Associates has traversed the globe to help colleges and universities seek both disciplinary and human excellence.

Using a unique amalgam of one-on-one and group coachingchange team facilitationskills training, and inspirational speaking, ThreeJoy Associates helps individual students, their educators, and educational institutions adapt to the rigors of fast-paced change in society, technology, and organizational life.

Find out more about this field-tested approach by clicking on the headings below or contact Dave Goldberg at deg@threejoy.com or set up a free 30-minute zoom strategy meeting today (www.MeetWithDaveGoldberg.com).