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3 Tips: Rip Van Winkle Looks for a Job

“The last time I personally looked for a job was some 29 years ago when in 1990 I applied to a dozen universities for a tenured faculty position in engineering…I recall this history, because that 1990 search was of a different era. A few of the applications were sent by email, but many of them were submitted through the Post Office (!!?) as printed documents, and it was largely a person-to-person old-fashioned kind of search that was common decades ago. Thus, it was with some trepidation last week that I volunteered to work with a close relative (call her Andrea) to help her find a job in the age of online applications (Monster, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc.).”

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Deep Shift #1: Obedience to Courage

“A shift is a small change to something we already do well that gives great power to effect change in ourselves and/or others.

And in this definition lies the blessing and the curse of shifts. Shifts are changes to things we already do reasonably well. For example, our ability to listen can be shifted to give us much greater power in conversation, but when you ask someone to consider making a change to how they listen, it can be difficult to even get their attention. “Oh yes, listening,” they’ll say, “I’m already a great listener,” and the person turns off to the very idea that there is something to learn here.”

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