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On Transformative Shifts: David E. Goldberg Leads the Change for Higher Education in the Digital Age

Higher education is facing multiple crises, grappling with issues like enrollment cliffs and the overwhelming advancement of technology. The decline in the number of students enrolling in colleges and universities could be attributed to various factors, such as demographic shifts, changes in birth rates, shifting attitudes toward academic pursuits beyond high school, and even external […]

Six Continents of Change: Reflections of a Peripatetic Change Facilitator

On September 27, 2023, Dave led a webinar for IFEES entitled Six Continents of Change: Reflections of a Peripatetic Change Facilitator. You can watch the full webinar below. ABSTRACT: Ten years after my initial appointment as an assistant professor in engineering mechanics (Alabama), I wrote a whitepaper questioning the research uber alles culture of my then university […]

fPET 2023 Call for Abstracts

Call for Papers for fPET 2023  2023 Forum on Philosophy, Engineering, and Technology  19-21 April 2023 (Wednesday to Friday) @ TUDelft, Delft, The Netherlands with a Special Track on Changing Values, Changing Technologies The 2023 Forum on Philosophy, Engineering, and Technology (fPET 2023) will be held at the Technical University of Delft in the […]

3 Tips: Rip Van Winkle Looks for a Job

“The last time I personally looked for a job was some 29 years ago when in 1990 I applied to a dozen universities for a tenured faculty position in engineering…I recall this history, because that 1990 search was of a different era. A few of the applications were sent by email, but many of them […]

Deep Shift #1: Obedience to Courage

“A shift is a small change to something we already do well that gives great power to effect change in ourselves and/or others. And in this definition lies the blessing and the curse of shifts. Shifts are changes to things we already do reasonably well. For example, our ability to listen can be shifted to […]

5+1 Shifts to the Deep Missing Basics

“Some of the earliest learning of the iFoundry adventure led to a key insight of what’s missing in education today. Other insights have come from coaching, training, and consulting interactions. All were combinations of theory and practical insight. Here we use the term shift to denote a small change to something we believe we already do quite […]

The Web & Returns to Expertise

“Expert this and expert that. If you listen to modern advertising copy and the media (and to university professors) the most important thing in the world is to become an expert, but something funny happened on the way to the expertise forum…” Delve into the modern world of expertise in a new blog post by […]