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NPR’s Jazzed About Work: “Educators Should Create Change” with Dave Goldberg

Dave Goldberg was recently interviewed on NPR’s Jazzed About Work hosted by Beverly Jones produced by WOUB Public Media. “It’s time for university leaders to get serious about changing the way they teach students, says higher education thought leader Dave Goldberg, in this episode. Dave says it’s time to change higher education from the inside out. He […]

FREE WEBINAR: 4 Reasons Why “Everybody Needs a Coach” Nov 27 & 28

FREE WEBINAR 4 Available Time Slots available on Monday, November 27 & Tuesday, November 28 Choose one that works best for your schedule, so you never have to miss a webinar again! **REGISTER NOW** Business leaders, Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates say that “everybody needs a coach”, and the C-suite, (CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, etc.) increasingly hire leadership coaches […]

FREE WEBINAR March 29th: 4 Reasons Why “Everybody Needs a Coach”

Big Beacon presents a FREE WEBINAR 4 Reasons Why “Everybody Needs a Coach” Business leaders, Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates say that “everybody needs a coach”, and the C-suite, (CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, etc.) increasingly hire leadership coaches to help them navigate difficult business problems. This practice is now spreading to other leaders, educational leaders, faculty […]

FREE WEBINAR January 18th: 4 Keys to Ineffective Educational Change

Big Beacon presents a FREE WEBINAR 4 Keys to Ineffective Educational Change: How to Botch Transformation Without Really Trying Educational change leaders make 4 common errors that slow change and limit ultimate success. This short, interactive webinar gives practical strategies to both accelerate change and enhance the probability for effective and sustained success. Learn the 4 common mistakes of educational change efforts and how to overcome them. Big Beacon is a 501c3, non-profit organization dedicated to the transformation of education. This webinar is free with no cost or obligation. but with plenty of opportunities for successful educational change. [vcex_button url=”https://expertise.tv/webinar/4-keys-to-ineffective-change/landing/2344″ title=”Visit […]

Big Beacon Radio Ep. 14: Organizations, Culture and Higher Education

Ep. 14 – Organizations, Culture and Higher Education: An Interview with Edgar Schein Bringing change to higher education is often framed as a problem of creating new content, curriculum, and pedagogy, but higher education has a history that goes back to the 11th century and a culture that has evolved over centuries to its current state. […]

Big Beacon Radio Ep. 11: An Interdisciplinary Life

Ep. 11 – Celebrating John H. Holland: An Interdisciplinary Life On August 9th of this year, complexity science pioneer John H. Holland of the University of Michigan and the Santa Fe Institute passed away. John’s work as a researcher and educator changed how we think about complex adaptive systems through his creative and radically interdisciplinary research, […]

Big Beacon Radio Ep. 10: Professional Transformation

Ep. 10 – Transforming Professional Registration, Professional Societies, and Professional Education The same economic, technological, and organization forces that are working to disrupt higher education are at work to disrupt professional institutions, including professional registration and licensure, professional societies, and the education of professionals. In this episode, host Dave Goldberg interviews Frank Mruk, Associate Dean of […]