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Big Beacon Radio Ep. 9: Documentary to Transform Higher Ed

Ep. 9 -The Making of a Documentary to Transform Higher Education: LET ME DO IT Transforming higher education from a culture of expertise and obedience to one that balances expertise and support is critical to unleashing courageous learners to the possibilities in the world and their lives. But the shift required is large, and transforming […]

Big Beacon Radio Ep. 8: Leadership Coaching in Higher Ed

Ep. 8 – The Leadership Coaching Revolution in Higher Education The use of leadership coaches has exploded in corporations and other organizations. Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates say “everyone needs a coach,” and increasingly in the C-suite, almost everyone has one. And the reasons for this growth are becoming clearer. When individuals are coached, they […]

Big Beacon Radio Ep. 7: Learning How We Learn

Ep. 7 -An Interview with MOOC Pioneer Barb Oakley Since the early days of the university in the 11th century, professors have lectured increasingly large numbers of passive and often bored students. With the advent of educational technology (EdTech) and massive open online courses (MOOCs), the possibility for scaling both the benefits and difficulties of […]

Big Beacon Radio Ep. 6: Lessons from ‘A Whole New Engineer’

Ep. 6 -Lessons from ‘A Whole New Engineer’ for the Transformation of Higher Education When educators think about transforming higher education they almost immediately start with modifications in content, curriculum, and pedagogy, but a recent book suggests that this approach is fundamentally flawed. Join the writing team of A Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution […]

Big Beacon Radio Ep. 5: Education Funding

Ep. 5 –The  Future and Transformation of Higher Education Funding Since the founding of the University of Bologna in 1088, non-profit universities and colleges have dominated the landscape of higher education. With the rise of for-profit universities such as the University of Phoenix, of non-traditional non-profits such as Southern New Hampshire University, and of coding […]

Big Beacon Radio Ep. 4: Lassonde

Ep. 4 – The Lassonde School and the Education of Renaissance Professionals After years of relative stability in higher education, a small number of engineering schools are emerging around the world to forge a new vision of what it means to be a professional. In this episode host Dave Goldberg interviews Janusz Kozinski, founding dean of […]

Big Beacon Radio Ep. 3: John Kotter

Ep. 3 – John Kotter: Leading Change in Higher Education Organizations are facing unprecedented calls for change, higher education included, yet leading change in established organizations is a daunting task. One of the keenest architects and practitioners of effective change leadership processes and practices is John Kotter, Harvard Business School professor emertitus and Chairman of […]

5 Steps for Transforming Education

Universities, created as an assembly of experts in 1088, are as outdated as buggy whips.  The cost and rewards of a college education are increasingly under attack. To sustain great universities requires cultural transformation consisting of 5 Steps:

Big Boys Don’t Cry

The 21st century transformation of education is profoundly emotional, but why is “emotion” such an uncomfortable subject?: The idea that we might acknowledge emotion directly in education runs up agains a taboo for men (in many cultures).  From an early age, men are urged to suppress their unhappiness, sadness, or other negative emotion that leads to […]