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Karen Notsalmon’s Quick Read –> Instant Happy

I met Karen Salmansohn (www.notsalmon.com) through her work on the Big Beacon’s posters & book cover (see www.facebook.com/bigbeacon), and since then I’ve become a big fan of her posters.  She talks about internet posters as pattern interrupts (see here), and I do find that when my day is headed in a bad or unproductive direction emotionally, that seeing one of her posters can disrupt my negativity and redirect me in more productive and energizing ways.

Her book Instant Happy is a collection of such posters sequenced in a way to get you reflecting differently about your emotions and your life.

For a quick and lasting attitude readjustment, you can do worse than to pick up Instant Happy today.

Engineering Education and the Power of Vulnerability

The more I’ve worked with schools around the globe for the transformation of engineering education, the more I’ve come to understand that all the important variables in that transformation and in the process of change itself are emotional ones.  In the following video, Brene Brown discusses her work on shame and how it led her to a greater understanding of the role of vulnerability in happiness.


The lessons of this video (here) resonate with successful change practices at Olin, at Illinois, in Asia, Europe, and South American, and part of the secret sauce to effective education change is to pay more attention to the compassion, connection, courage, and vulnerability as discussed by Dr. Brown.