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5 Steps for Transforming Education

Universities, created as an assembly of experts in 1088, are as outdated as buggy whips.  The cost and rewards of a college education are increasingly under attack. To sustain great universities requires cultural transformation consisting of 5 Steps:

Jazz & 21st Century Learning

David Goldberg shares how learning jazz guitar has shown him new ways to best empower students to learn:

Whereas many music sites and teachers treat their students as largely unmotivated and incompetent, Jimmy trusts that students who come to his site are motivated and competent to take on substantial challenges on their own.

Find out more, here.

Dweck Video on Mindset

Stanford prof Carol Dweck discusses the educational implications of her theories on growth mindset versus fixed mindset in the video below:


Students with a fixed mindset focus on results rather than learning and tend to respond negatively to adversity, whereas students with a growth mindset tend to focus on learning goals and are relatively resilient when faced with difficult challenges.  Read more about mindset in Dweck’s book (here).